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States of the Art

Welcome to the website of this year's conference
“States of the Art: Considering Poetry Today”
October 23-26, 2008


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Dear presenters and poets at our conference „States of the Art: Considering Poetry Today”:

Thank you for your well-researched, fascinating and very informative papers and the lively discussions during and between the sessions.

The members of the CCAC team – Ramin Djahazi, Katharina Heyne, Colette Weihrauch, Tobias Holik, Joe Doherty, Kamara Williams, Nicole Gerber plus our friendly student helpers: Dominik Hammes, Markus Schreier, Anika Krause, Michael Brödel, Nina Jessberger, Anne-Kathrin Becker and Alexander Joppich – and I hope that for you, too, the conference and attendant public readings in the Gymnasium am Schloss (Thomas Lux and the “Poemian Harmonists”) on board the theatre-ship Marie-Helena (Bryan Sentes, Yoko Tawada) and in Saarbruecken’s Town Hall (Thomas Lux, Dennis Cooley, Jan Horner plus songs and music by two of the “Poemian Harmonists” ) were most memorable events. We enjoyed your presentations and readings tremendously.

Incidentally, two articles in the Saarbruecker Zeitung, the local paper, let us know that the events were well received. Perhaps we even started a discussion regarding the role of poetry in the everyday world!

As promised, we are going to collect the best papers read at the conference once all contributors have transformed their oral presentations into written and documented articles. The deadline for submission of a paper copy and e-paper is December 31, 2008. Essays should not exceed 20 pages plus references (all MLA style). Please include a short bio-bibliographical statement. If you include illustrations, please limit them to black-and-white e-illustrations in excellent quality. We reserve the right to limit the number of illustrations, since printing costs are considerable. We hope to have the book ready in the early summer of next year.

I would be much pleased if our good friends, the poets at the conference, would allow us to include a couple of their texts each in the forthcoming publication (copyright, of course, remains with the authors), either to stand alone or attached to their papers. I feel this would much enhance an already very promising book.


Thank you all – and till we meet again!


Klaus Martens and Team





Style sheet for the publication of the conference proceedings:


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